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Super Nintendo wireless adapter

Super Nintendo Wireless Adapter Allows for DualShock Controllers

Why yes, we have more Nintendo news. Get excited.

OceanGate’s 5-Person Submarine Uses PS3 DualShock 3 Controller to Move Around

That’s pretty awesome.

Huge DualShock 3 Coffee Table Made, Sells for $3,000

Pricey, but cool!

Ask PSLS: DualShock 4 or DualShock Forgotten?

G.A.F.F. – Gamers Against Forced Features

As You’d Expect, The DualShock 3 Won’t Work on PlayStation 4

Obviously, PlayStation Move will be supported.

Translucent Red DualShock 3 Controller Coming Exclusively To Target On October 30th

It may not look as fancy as the GameStop-exclusive Metallic Gold DualShockRead the full article…

Move-DualShock Combo Could Have Been a Reality

In its current form, the PlayStation Move is a fantastic piece ofRead the full article…

Japan Gets Treated to a Proprietary Charging Dock and “Candy Blue” Controllers

When the PlayStation 3 was first launched, gamers were introduced to theRead the full article…

Five PS3 Greatest Hits Titles + DualShock 3 = Deal!

Remember that previous bundle at Sam’s Club that let you purchase Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and a DualShock 3 for only $48? Well, Wal-Mart saw that deal, and decided to call their bluff. That equals more savings for you!

Gametech Bear to Release Accessory That Connects PSPgo to PS3 Controller

One of the most useful PSPgo feature is arguably the ability toRead the full article…

Do You Have a Counterfeit PS3 Controller?

Read about how to tell if you’re Dualshock 3 is counterfeit and according to Sony, could possibly explode!

Another New DualShock Color Available for Pre-Order, What About a Console to Match?

While the Classic White PS3 Slim was announced for Japan in early July, no news has come for the ethereal console in any other region. The only way to get your own white PS3 is to import one. But is that about to change?

DualShock 3 Sitting Pretty in Pink

The DualShock 3 comes in a variety of colors to match yourRead the full article…

PS3 Quad Charger Docked For Discount – $7.99

Nobody every wants to have their kill counts thwarted by a deadRead the full article…

Dual-Docking Charger for DualShock 3: FREE With $5 Shipping

Another deal has surfaced to pamper your DualShock 3 controllers.  And ifRead the full article…

DualShock 3 Controller Dock Deal: $3 with Free Shipping

A deal has sprung into attention today that will come and goRead the full article…

Some PlayStation Move Titles to Launch with Added Dualshock 3 Support

Sony has long been saying that they wouldn’t alienate the hardcore gamingRead the full article…

Sony on PlayStation Move: As good As Dualshock 3

Ever since the PlayStation Move was first revealed back at last year’sRead the full article…