SCEA To Launch adhocParty in North America This Month


AdhocParty is a service for the PSP and PSPgo that allows users to play games that would normally be ad-hoc only, to be played across the PlayStation Network by tapping into your PS3’s broadband connection. The service has been in beta for nearly a year over in Japan with no word on any impending launch in North America. Until now…

SCEA has just announced that adhocParty will indeed be launching North America. Coming this month, the service is going to breathe new life into multiplayer games on the PSP and PSPgo. Games like Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will benefit greatly from adhocParty since you’ll now be able to play gamers across the PlayStation Network as opposed to needing a friend within close-proximity.

Sony and Capcom have both commented on the new service. Scott A. Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing for SCEA, had this to say about adhocParty coming to North America:

“AdhocParty for the PSP system creates an avenue for gamers to connect, strategize, and compete with each other – Gran Turismo is a great example of this. Polyphony Digital developed robust Ad Hoc features within the game, which are now even more accessible through adhocParty. We saw this as a tremendous opportunity to enhance the PSP system’s online gaming experience and bring the service to our North American consumers.”

Capcom North America and Europe CEO, Mark Beaumont is equally enthused, adding:

“The secret to Monster Hunter’s fantastic success on PSP around the world has been the social aspect of the game, which brings together players from all walks of life,”

“AdhocParty for the PSP system will connect gamers to the content they love as well as to those who share the same passion for gaming. At last, Monster Hunter fans will be able to adventure together, regardless of where they are in North America.”

Gamers should also be excited as this makes the PSP and PSPgo a much more social platform, and it means you can truly get the most out of your multiplayer PSP games. Kudos to Sony for bringing us yet another way for the PSP and PS3 to compliment each other.