UK has Heavy Rain in Its Winter Forecast

December 13, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Excluding actually buying games online, the nice thing about online game retailers is there ability to see into the future. More and more often, we are seeing release dates for titles from sources like GameStop and Amazon. Now, Heavy Rain has fallen into the category, with an apparent release date revealed.

Three UK retailers, GAME, Gamestation, and, have all listed Heavy Rain for a February 26th 2010 release. Adding credibility to the date is the fact that Famitsu had revealed a February release for Japan as well.

SCEE was contacted by Joystiq, who did not give a response. Fortunately when contacted, SCEA responded with:

“We haven’t announced a release date for North America … but stay tuned as we will have a release date soon.”

Well, do what you’re told, and be patient. Stay with PlayStation LifeStyle for the official dates.

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