Unofficial M.A.G Trailer Shows Off Massive Potential

Among the most anticipated titles this year sits M.A.G, a record-breaking 256-player online first-person shooter. M.A.G, or Massive Action Game, was playable under Open Beta for the past week and thousands of PlayStation 3 owners worldwide were able to test the game out and provide feedback for the developers. Now that M.A.G is only weeks away from official release, many first-person shooter fans worldwide are anticipating the arrival of this next-generation vision created by Zipper Interactive, the team that also created the award-winning SOCOM series.

A fan-made M.A.G trailer was produced by YouTube username venuslourdes which shows what the title has to offer. The video was created with the same theme and soundtrack as the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer. The trailer shows off some of the potential for teamwork featured in M.A.G which looks to make it one of the hottest online titles of the next few months.

Check out the unofficial M.A.G trailer created by venuslourdes below: