Quantum Theory Dices Up a New Trailer in Real-Time

It has certainly been a while since we’ve heard from the Japanese third-person shooter, Quantum Theory. The originally PlayStation 3-exclusive, now multiplatform, new intellectual property from Tecmo has finally been let out of the tower with a brand-new, real-time gameplay trailer. Primarily in the perspective of protagonist Syd, the video further reminds us of its Gears of War-esque similarity as the masculine hero (or villain?) slices and dices through the enemies and environments. Check out the full-length trailer for yourself below:


As we can see, there is plenty of gory melee, some platforming, and gunplay galore. While the game is set to pit the character against the tower he’s traveling in, a refreshing change found in the trailer is the outdoor levels, which gives us more faith in the diversity of the environments. After all, variety and ubiquity are some of the key factors in the success of critically acclaimed titles like Uncharted 2 and God of War.