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See How Dynasty Warriors 9 Open World System Looks Like in This New Trailer

Koei Tecmo has uploaded a new Dynasty Warriors 9 trailer detailing the game’s open-world battle system. As they have informed previously, this game is the first Dynasty Warriors to employ an open world system where all battles occur in the vast, single map of Three Kingdoms-era China.

By climbing a sentry tower, the player is able to survey surrounding areas to see if something is occurring in the vicinity. They can Fast Travel to areas within their faction territory and to other places they have visited before. An Autorun feature is also available to players do not have to push the movement stick all the time while enjoying the scenery.

Players can also ride horses, and there are lots of horse varieties that can be bought and placed in the Stable, although there are some special horses that have additional requirements to unlock, such as Lu Bu’s Red Hare and Liu Bei’s Hex Mark. Each horse has their own strength level, and it levels up when the player rode it for long distances or beat enemies while being mounted on it.

Battles in Dynasty Warriors 9 mainly consist of territory control. While it is possible for the player to storm straight towards the enemy commander, it would result in a very difficult fight unless the player has secured a movement route to their allies beforehand by conquering nearby nodes and bases, which can reduce the difficulty level of the mission.

Beating enemy officers and clearing missions may also reward Scrolls which are required to craft weapons and items. Once a certain amount of the same Scroll has been gathered, it will be possible for the player to craft the said item using materials listed in the Scroll. The strongest high-ranked weapons are especially available only by collecting their Scrolls and crafting from there afterward.

If you’re wondering how the action gameplay looks like in this game, you can also watch the newly published videos for six of the 90 playable characters: Yu Jin, Xu Zhu, Zhong Hui, Lu Xun, Huang Zhong, and Guan Ping. Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released first in Japan and East Asia on PlayStation 4 on February 8. Western releases that also include Xbox One and Steam versions will follow soon on February 13.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]