MAG Dynamic Theme Preview Places You In Battle

One of the best aspects of MAG is the multiple factions created by Zipper. You may choose which faction to be in when playing in the 256-player online title, with each faction having its own unique style. Sony have created 3 dynamic themes that appropriately fit each faction.

Sony have released a dynamic theme preview for each faction of MAG. The three dynamic themes will be showcasing the Raven, Valor and SVER factions. Each faction has also been armored with its own website.

SVER Theme Preview – (Website)

Raven Theme Preview – (Website)

Valor Theme Preview – (Website)

It seems the only way to acquire these themes upon the shooters release is to pre-order the collectors edition copy, but Sony will likely be releasing the themes on to the PS store in the near future (hopefully).

PS3 exclusive MAG is set to release on 26 January for North America and 29 January for Europe.