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Get Your 2020 Gaming Stats With the PlayStation Wrap Up, Free Dynamic PS4 Theme

PlayStation is giving players the chance to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or proud of the time they spent with certain games with PlayStation Wrap Up 2020. Signing in using your PSN ID allows you to get a full list of your states, including total hours played, top three games (and how long you spent with each of them), Trophies earned, and more. You can check your own stats at

If you managed to get your hands on a PS5 in 2020, you’ll also get some PS5-exclusive stats, such as how much time you spent on the new console. Like the 2019 wrap up, you’ll only be able to grab your 2020 stats for a limited time. You’ll need to generate your personal PlayStation Wrap Up by March 2, 2021, when the feature goes away.

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Players will also get a free dynamic PS4 theme, which is only for PS4 players (the PS5 doesn’t have custom themes at this time).

Unfortunately there are some limitations on the 2020 Wrap Up. It’s only available to players over 18 years of age who played their PS4 for at least 10 hours during the year. It also requires players to have opted in to allowing PlayStation to collect “additional data.” It’s also only available in certain regions, so your region may not be compatible.

Some players are also reporting issues getting it to work, even in qualifying regions and with plenty of play time. When I try to run my stats, I got the following error telling me there was “Trouble loading this page.” I’m almost certain Utah falls within the “select locations,” and I can assure you I have well over 10 gameplay hours on my PS4 in 2020. Maybe it just didn’t want to shame me with how much Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone I played during the year. It was… a lot. (Update: Try refreshing this page a whole bunch. I was eventually able to force mine to work. The system may just be overloaded.)

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Have you been able to get your PlayStation Wrap Up 2020 stats? How much time did you spend playing games last year? What were your top three games? Let us know your numbers in the comments below.

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