Darksiders Featured Co-op in the Beginning

Anyone that has played Darksiders can attest to the fact that the game is a great single-player game, similar to God of War.  Now what would that type of game be like as a 4 player co-op game?  Well that’s just one of the things originally in the works when developer Vigil Games sat down 3 years ago to start development.

We can only imagine what Darksiders would have been like with War being accompanied by Death, Strife, and Fury.   More originally planned features have been released in an interview in GameInformer magazine.  War was originally a child with a robot arm, and before the game was called Darksiders, the team at Vigil Games toyed around with the names Z.O.O.D. and Doomrunners.  Looking at those names, Darksiders does seem to best fit the bill.  For those who have yet to check it out, you can view our review of Darksiders here.

To read the full interview, click here.