Step Into the Shoes of the Origami Killer Via DLC

Heavy Rain‘s release is just a month away and details are pouring in in regards to the upcoming Heavy Rain Chronicles. Quantic Dream plans on giving gamers the ability to learn how each of the 4 characters lives led up to the Heavy Rain storyline via downloadable “Chronicles”. But what about the Origami Killer? How did he turn into such vicious killer, forever changing the lives of so many?

David Cage, c0-CEO of Quantic Dream, recently spilled the beans about the premise behind many of the different “Heavy Rain Chronicles” in an interview with French site

One such “Chronicle” will fill you in on how FBI agent, Norman Jayden became addicted to the drug Triptocane. Another has you playing as Madison Page, following her investigation of a taxidermist and her bouts with insomnia.

However the most intriguing “Chronicle” will put you in the shoes of the Origami Killer. You’ll find out exactly what led him to become the ruthless killer the game is based upon.

No news yet on the other two main character’s “Chronicles”, but we’re guessing the DLC will be just as interesting.