Under Siege won’t Follow ARC into Fall

Seed Studios announced in September last year that their PSN RTT (Real Time Tactic) title, Under Siege was moving from the initial release date of Late 2009 until Spring 2010, so that it would coincide with the launch 0f the Playstation ARC motion controller and fully support the new controller. With the ARC controller being delayed until this Fall, Seed Studio’s has responded to the situation and fans of the the title will be pleased.

Seed Studios announced that plans for the title to release this Spring on the PSN are still on track via their Official blog.

Good morning,

This week Sony announced Fall 2010 as the official launch date for the PS3 Motion Controller.

We have been receiving lots of emails asking if this would affect the offical launch date for Under Siege. It doesn’t.

Under Siege keeps the announced launch date of Spring 2010 on PSN. Official support for the Motion Controller is there but now the game will simply be updated when the controller is launched. We remind everyone that the game can be played with the DualShock3 or the Motion Controller, just like a driving game can also be played with a Steering Wheel.

More news to come in February so hang in there.

For those of you who might not know much about Under Siege, it’s a RTT from Portuguese developer Seed Studios and it’s a PSN-exclusive title. The best part? The game will feature a slew of features to keep you entertained. Level creator for Single and Multiplayer which you can upload for everyone to play? Check! Splitscreen for Co-Op and Campaign? Check! Video and Voice Chat with little boxes in the corner? Double Check!! Photo mode and custom soundtracks?? Check and Check! It seems Seed Studios has covered the bases with such a amazing amount of features at your disposal.

If you want even more information about Under Siege, check out the Developers’ diary here. Just don’t forget to check PlayStation LifeStyle often for all your Under Siege news.