SCEE Displays Confidence in 3D Gaming

The buzz for 3D entertainment has been ignited with Sony’s recent push to deliver the technology to consumers. With impressive 3D gaming demonstrations such as 3D Little Big Planet and Super Stardust 3D, the capabilities of 3D have finally been realized and set in motion. Sony is confident that 3D will be the next big addition to the gaming industry.

During an interview with SCEE Creative Director Nicolas Doucet, he showed a strong belief that 3D technology will be a big evolution for gaming. When questioned about evolutions in gaming Nicolas Doucet replied:

“3D TVs are definitely a big one.”

He then added:

“Personally, I think the biggest innovation in games in recent years has been an intellectual one: developers being brave enough to believe that going back to simple concepts could be the way forward. As a result of such thinking, a new market has been created and I hope this trend continues so we’re forced to think about fun in its purest form.”

With Sony at the forefront of 3D entertainment, if the technology does gain popularity then Sony will be one-step ahead of the competition. An upcoming firmware update for the PlayStation 3 will include 3D capabilities for both movies and games, and anyone with a 3D compatible television will instantly be able to enjoy this previously only dreamed-about technology. With both the stunningly accurate PS3 motion controller and 3D coming to the PlayStation 3 platform this year, Sony looks to push gaming to the next level.