Producer: MAG Is The Greatest Multiplayer Shooter I Know

MAG has been released, and after months of anticipation, we get a taste for the first time of what 256 player online multiplayer is all about. Zipper Interactive held a Massive Action Game event to showcase just that in London recently, and the game’s producer believes the title is the greatest multiplayer shooter.

The event in London pitted Americans and Europeans against each other in a massive battle. PSLS was there, as we interviewed Seth Luisi, Director of Development, Zipper Interactive. Also there was MAG producer Scott Rudi, who spoke with Jeuxvideo:

With 256 players gathered on the same card, MAG is the greatest multiplayer shooter I know. It relies on three essential elements which are persistence, talent and leadership. We believe we have managed all aspects [of] the game and we hope you enjoy it.

Rudi also spoke about the command system:

With our command system, we want to reward the most seasoned players. This is optional. It is imperative to become a commander, players who want to become but cannot because the others already perform this function, will have to wait for another party.

MAG is now available in North America and will be arriving in the UK this Friday. Expect our review of the exclusive later this week.