Last Rebellion Summons a Release Date

RPG fans rejoice, as Last Rebellion has summoned a released date and you won’t be waiting much longer for Nippon Ichi’s latest RPG.

Nao Zook, PR Marketing Coordinator of NIS America, announced over on the  Official PlayStation Blog that Last Rebellion hits on February 23rd, which also happens to be the same release date for Heavy Rain, but that’s another story for another day.

We reported last month that upon reserving the game, you’ll receive a double-sided poster, there’s one problem. The only way to obtain this poster is by reserving the game at

With White Knight Chronicles: The International Edition hitting yesterday, Star Ocean: The Last Hope – International EditionLast Rebellion on the 23rd, and Resonance of Fate AND Final Fantasy XIII on the same day in March, as Yoda would say, Begun this RPG Invasion has.

Check out the Last Rebellion website for more information about the games characters, storyline, and gameplay.