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20+ JRPGs That Need a Revival on PS4

Time for some TLC.

White Knight Chronicles II Confirmed for US Release

White Knight Chronicles filled the once empty void of RPGs plaguing theRead the full article…

10,000 years later, White Knight Chronicles Hits the PSP

In a gaming world dominated by ‘quasi-RPGS’, Level 5’s White Knight Chronicles series has been vastly underrated a whole. After having found success on the PlayStation 3 console, it looks like the WKC team is aiming to continue that said success on Sony’s portable platform next year in the form of White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable: Dogma Wars. We found some ancient scrolls that explain a bit about what takes place in the game and all you WKC historians are going to need them to get the most of out your future quest.

SonyStyle Offering Free Game With PS3 Purchase

With an attractive price point of $299, a slimmed-down design, and loadedRead the full article…

Take Your White Knights With You

Get ready for more epic adventures on the go, White Knight Chronicles is coming to the PlayStation Portable.

GameFly Subscribers Receive Huge May Savings

This year has already been home to many great deals ranging fromRead the full article…

Toys R Us Kicks Off Huge Game Sale

With the amount of good games coming out in the past year,Read the full article…

PlayStation LifeStyle Playlist 03/26/10

Yet another dreadful work week has passed, and with that, us gamersRead the full article…

White Knight Chronicles Offers Free DLC For a Limited Time

When White Knight Chronicles hit American soil early in February, Sony promised that the title would receive new DLC quest available soon after release. Fast forward to now and news has been released that new quest are on the way and will keep you entertained for quite a while.

Level 5 Bringing Surprises to the PS3

Level 5 have just recently released White Knight Chronicles here in theRead the full article…

PlayStation Release Horizon 02/01/10

Yet another slow week for PlayStation releases but in an unusual turnRead the full article…

White Knight Chronicles Trophy List Shines Bright

With just 5 more days until release, Level 5’s White Knight Chronicles is getting plenty of attention for it’s single-player and Online campaign to appease to both kind of RPG gamers. The Trophy List has been revealed and there’s plenty to keep you busy for all of the RPG fans out there.

White Knight Chronicles Goes to War Without a Demo

White Knight Chronicles is releasing just around the corner on February 2┬áRead the full article…

White Knight Chronicles Invades LBP & More

After years of waiting, Level 5’s newest RPG spectacular, White Knight Chronicles: International finally hits next Tuesday, February 2nd. A major amount of media has been released and we have every juicy detail for you.

Sony Talks Online In White Knight Chronicles

The PlayStation 3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles, developed by Level-5 Studios, isRead the full article…

White Knight Slices Europe With Release Date & Box Art

The PlayStation 3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles developed by Level-5 Studios, instantlyRead the full article…

Level-5 Gives the Gift of White Knight Chronicles Screens

Sony have just released new, breathtaking screenshots of White Knight Chronicles due out early 2010.

Last Rebellion Stirs up a Release Date

After what many people have called a slow couple of years inRead the full article…

PS3 2010 Preview – First-Party Exclusives

With 2009 coming to a close, it’s time to take a long-hard look at the PlayStation 3 games coming out in 2010 in our PS3 2010 Preview.