David Jaffe to Modernize the Glory Days of Gaming

February 15, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Videogame designer David Jaffe has been the center of controversy for well over a year now. With several highly-successful titles such as the God of War and Twisted Metal series under his belt, the announcement of another project of his under production has sparked interest by thousands of fans. However, David Jaffe has refused to spill information about the upcoming title and as such has remain a mystery.

During an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, David Jaffe expressed confidence that his unannounced title will make players feel “like an old Super Nintendo game did”. David Jaffe stated the following:

“In terms of the one right now, it’s not like a small, old Super Nintendo game, but in terms of the core essence of how those games made me feel, we’re trying to take that and modernize it and put it into a much bigger game.”

Many have speculated that the unannounced title is a new-generation Twisted Metal. While Jaffe has expressed that he aims to develop a new fanbase with his upcoming title, he has also stated that if it were a Twisted Metal title that it’d be a fresh start for the series. Two things are for certain, the upcoming game isn’t a PSN title and it isn’t a part of the God of War franchise.

David Jaffe’s upcoming title is expected to finally be revealed this year, and most likely during E3 2010.