Heavy Rain Drought Begins

It seems that everyone in the United Kingdom is clearing the stores of the PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain. Following the game’s success in the UK Charts, Quantic Dream and Sony are now witnessing a Heavy Rain drought.

Sony Europe has commented on the status of the demand for PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain, stating that supplies for the title are running short. The landmark game for the PS3 has only been out since Friday in the UK and is already forcing stores to order more stock. An SCE UK spokesperson has told industry site MCV:

We have been extremely delighted with the demand for Heavy Rain.Whilst it isn’t out of stock we are aware that supplies are running low. There is still supply in the chain, but I’m afraid if you’re hunting for a copy it may require a little extra footwork. There will be more stock arriving next week.

In the meantime we thank everyone for their excitement and their support for this title and also for their patience if they are still seeking a copy.

At the moment supplies seem to be stable in other regions.