Steambot Chronicles 2 Still Chugging

Steambot Chronicles 2 has been hiding it seems of late with little news of any kind about the game and no word on a release date.  Video game website Scrawl has recently reached out to developer Irem to check on the status of the game and got the following responses.

“We are still developing Bumpy Trot 2, We are now trying to release it in Japan as soon as we can.”  The release date of new information for Bumpy Trot 2 has not yet decided,”

When asked if they had any plans to bring this game to the west just like they did the first, the Irem rep responded and said

“We are sorry, but the plans for releasing it in other countries have not yet decided.”

For those who never got the chance to play it, Steambot Chronicles is an action adventure game with sandbox elements.  The game features heavy emphasis on customization with your Trotmobiles, which are pretty much Mechs.  You also find a huge emphasis in music as you collect new weapons and gain tips by playing very good.

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