PlatinumGames Won’t make Same Mistake Twice with Vanquish

One of the most controversial stories regarding ports of the 360 lead titles to the PS3 the past year and a half has been the sub-par port of Bayonetta to the PS3. Sure, the game is still fun as hell, but when compared to the 360 version, the visual difference is staggering. With a company who has ‘Platinum’ in their title, handing off the port to Sega sure put a dent in their reputation. Thankfully, PlatinumGames has learned from their mistakes, and the news is excellent for PS3 owners.

More and more developers are finally learning that using the PS3 as their lead development system actually helps out the port to the 360 (except for Final Fantasy XIII, but that’s a totally different story for another day).

That being said, the ladies and gents over at noticed something when attending a press event for Vanquish–the title was actually running on a PS3! If you remember correctly, PG and Sega never showed Bayonetta running on the PS3 until the game was a few months from release. Not only is the PS3 version the lead version, but both versions of the game are being developed in-house. Director Shinji Makimi even commented about the issue:

We’re leading development on PS3. Obviously each console has its own unique requirements and limitations, but we feel if we can create a good enough presentation on PS3, we’ll be off to a good start.

That’s the spirit, Mikami-San! With Sega of America officially re-announcing Vanquish, look for more news and screenshots to hit soon!