This Week in PlayStation – March 5th

A common stereotype about gamers is their short attention span. As announcements for new games and hardware come and go it is easy to lose sight of the momentous events that shaped the gaming world. This Week in PlayStation highlights Sony’s rich video game heritage which dates back into the 1980’s. Step back in time with us as we put the spotlight on events big and small that have significantly altered the gaming culture.

This Week in PlayStation February 27th – March 5th

February 27th

  • 2006Sony Japan announces the expansion of the PlayStation Spot wireless service for PSP.
  • 2007 – SCE announces FORMULA ONE Championship Edition for the PlayStation 3.
  • 2007 – SCE announces MLB 07 The Show for PS2 and PSP.
  • 2009Guerilla Games’ technical achievement Killzone 2 is released for the PlayStation 3 for the US and UK audiences, massive jaw-dropping ensues as the world is “Killzowned.”
  • 2009Rumors begin to surface that Ready At Dawn Studios is developing a follow-up to God of War: Chains of Olympus title for the PSP.
  • 2009 – Sony Corporation announces a major reorganization and a new management team. The corporate giant made moves to fundamentally reorganize the company’s electronics and game businesses to improve profitability and strengthen competitiveness in the midst of the continued global economic crisis.

February 28th

  • 2000 – Newsweek’s March cover features the “The Amazing PlayStation 2”. They have an in depth look at the new console, which can play video games, DVD movies, access the Internet and how Sony will transform high-tech fun.
  • 2006Criterion Games’ console shooter debut, Black, is released for the American PS2 audience, the term “gun porn” is born.

February 29th

  • 2000 – Eidetic’s Syphon Filter 2 is released and continues the adventures of Gabe Logan on the PS1.
  • 2000 – Hot Shots Golf 2 (Everybody’s Golf 2) was released to the United States for the PlayStation.
  • 2008Capcom’s Lost Planet: Extreme Condition debuts on the PlayStation 3 with mixed reviews.

March 1st

  • 1997 – SingleTrac’s JetMoto is released in the UK for the PlayStation 1.
  • 1999 – CNN correctly speculates Sony’s incoming announcement of the PlayStation 2, which occurred the following day.
  • 2002 – Sony Computer Entertainment confirms the release date of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XI (PS2) for Japan. Hitting store shelves May 16th, this two disc package revolutionized the gaming world, with its ability to instantly connect with thousands of players, worldwide.
  • 2002 – Square’s Final Fantasy VI is released to the European marketplace for PlayStation 1.
  • 2005 – Capcom’s Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (PS2) the highly anticipated followup to Devil May Cry 2 was released to American audiences.

March 2nd

  • 1999 – Sony Computer Entertainment announced the completion of its research and development project to design the successor to the PlayStation.
  • 2005 – To differentiate what content is meant for children and what is meant for teens, the Entertainment Software Rating Board creates the “E10+” rating. Almost instantly, all hockey games are given this rating.

March 3rd

  • 2003Konami’s MGS2: Substance is released to the American PS2 audience.
  • 2006 – Criterion Games’ console shooter debut, Black is released for the Asian PS2 audience.
  • 2009 – 2k Sports’ Major League Baseball 2k9 hits American store shelves.
  • 2009 – Sony’s MLB 09 : The Show hits the baseball diamond with its American release.

March 4th

  • 2000 – Sony officially releases their highly anticipated successor to the PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, to the Japanese market. Total day one sales were an astounding 980,000 units. The PlayStation 2 would go on to become the highest selling console in history. Unfortunately, North American and European audiences would have to wait a few more months, until supplies were great enough to meet demand.
  • 2005Hideo Kojima’s critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is released to the European PS2 marketplaces.
  • 2007 The New York Times publishes a lengthy interview with Sony CEO Howard Stringer, in which explicit details about Ken Kutagari’s “removal” from the Sony Board of Director’s in November of the previous year, are revealed. Stringer says it was the “removal of an uncooperative executive.” Kutagari becomes chairman of SCEI.
  • 2008 – Ready at Dawn Studios PSP hit God of War: Chains of Olympus is released upon the American marketplace.

March 5th

  • 1996 – Psygnosis’ Wipeout is released for the Sega Saturn roughly six months after the PS1 version.
  • 1998 – Wipeout 2097 is released for the Sega Saturn roughly six months after the PS1 version.
  • 2004Zipper’s SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs is released for the European PS2 marketplace.
  • 2009 – Guerilla Games’ Killzone: Liberation for PSP is released in the PlayStation Store.