Forumla 1’s First Dev Dairy Includes Unseen Gameplay

There a few unforgettable racing games out in the market, but Codemasters’ Formula 1 2010 truly delivers a whole new sense of speed. To make gamers understand why F1 2010 is one of the most anticipated racers this calender year, the Codemasters team have released the first developer’s diary, which includes unseen gameplay footage of the title.

The dev dairy video features the Pre-Alpha build of the racer, yet the graphical qualities of the title shine through, so one should hold high expectations for F1 2010.

Check out the video which contains new gameplay footage of the game below:


From the creators of the highly successful Colin McRae: Dirt and Race Driver: GRID titles, Codemasters will be integrating the Ego Engine into Formula 1 2010. F1 2010 will be racing to stores this September.