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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Gets New Trailer and Screenshots

The trailer shows off co-op gameplay.


Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Discusses Minions

And new some info on the Minions was released.


F1 2015 Gameplay Video Compares PS4 to Xbox One Version

The PS4 version runs a bit better.


F1 2015 Will Have an Updated Matchmaking, Introduces “Feature Race” Lobby System

Players will never need to wait for a loading screen.


F1 2015 Features Trailer Highlights Speed, Rain and New Additions

Bonus content includes the full 2014 Season.


F1 2015 Release Date Delayed to July 2015, Teaser Trailer Revealed

The delay is about a month.


Codemasters Set on Bringing Dirt Rally to Console “Eventually”

For now, Early Access if the focus.


Overlord Writer Rhianna Pratchett Addresses Criticisms About Fellowship of Evil

Fellowship of Evil is not Overlord 3, she says.


Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

The trailer includes a look at the four-player co-op gameplay.


New Overlord Game Confirmed, Video Teases 4-Player Co-Op

The full reveal is happening tomorrow.


Codemasters to Close Japan Office Later This Month, Moving to a Partnership Model

Plans to work with a “major” publishing partner.


F1 2015 Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC, Launches in June 2015

Includes 2014 season bonus content.


Overlord 3 Being Hinted at Via Some Interesting Twitter Posts

Hopefully more news on this soon.

DiRT Codemasters

Codemasters Teasing New DiRT Title, Hiring for a “DiRTy Little Game”

No release date announced yet.

Leaked F1 2015 Image

F1 2015 Images Leaked, Reveal PS4 Version to Run at 60fps

Will run at 60fps on PS4, currently at 45-55fps.


Report: DiRT and F1 Developer Codemasters Hit by Layoffs

Not a good way to start the year!


GRID Developer Announces Toybox Turbos, Releases on PS3 in November 2014

Includes over 35 vehicles to choose from.


Codemasters Explains Why a Formula One Game Isn’t Coming to PS4 & Xbox One Until 2015

Codemasters is writing a new engine.


F1 2014 Release Date Announced, PS4 F1 Game Coming in 2015

Check out the first F1 2014 gameplay trailer.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport Review – A Gear Grinding Experience (PS3)

A game for some, not all.