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DiRT Rally’s PlayStation VR DLC Is Live, Includes PS4 Pro Support

Bundle with the game and DLC see a launch discount.


DiRT 4 Could Also Receive PlayStation VR Support, Codemasters Says

They’ll see how DiRT Rally’s VR works first.


DiRT 4 Announced, Releases in June 2017 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

It includes the Your Stage feature, letting you build and share a stage.


Micro Machines World Series Races to PS4, Xbox One & PC on April 21

Teaser trailer shown off.

Best of 2016 Games Giveaway

Best of 2016 Games Giveaway!

Two 1st runner-ups, too!


DiRT Rally PlayStation VR Support Coming Soon as Paid DLC

Plus a new Co-Driver Mode.


No Man’s Sky Was UK’s Best-Selling Game in August

F1 2016 came second.


F1 2016 Review – Speed Rivalry (PS4)

Speed or bust? Check it out.


F1 2016 Career Mode Featured in New Trailer, “Multiplayer Championship” Mode Revealed

New mode that allows up to 22 players to compete!


F1 2016 Multiplayer Trailer Races Out, Will Feature 22-Player Matches

Safety Car and manual race starts featured too!


F1 2016 Releasing on August 19, First Gameplay Videos Released

Check out the Baku circuit.


Dirt Rally Update 1.11 Is Live on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Fixes issues, adds some new content.


F1 2016 Set for Summer 2016 Release on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Includes the most immersive career mode in franchise history.

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Upcoming DiRT Rally Patch Includes Leaderboard Fix

Coming first half of June.


Evolution Studios Team to Start Work on New IP By the End of the Month

“Going to be a while before we announce anything.”


DiRT Developer Codemasters Posts First Profit in Five Years

Just days after welcoming ex-Evolution staff.


Evolution Studios Co-Founder on Sony: “We’ve Still Got a Great Relationship”

“It’s been a very amicable parting of ways.”


Evolution Studios Team Joins Codemasters, Will Work On “An Exciting New Racing IP”

Evolution is now a multi-platform developer.


Dirt Rally Gets a Launch Trailer, Daily Events Explained

Analysis confirms 1080p/60fps.

DiRT Rally Review – Dirty Fun (PS4)

Get your clutch foot ready!