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Leaked F1 2015 Image

F1 2015 Images Leaked, Reveal PS4 Version to Run at 60fps

Will run at 60fps on PS4, currently at 45-55fps.


Report: DiRT and F1 Developer Codemasters Hit by Layoffs

Not a good way to start the year!


GRID Developer Announces Toybox Turbos, Releases on PS3 in November 2014

Includes over 35 vehicles to choose from.


Codemasters Explains Why a Formula One Game Isn’t Coming to PS4 & Xbox One Until 2015

Codemasters is writing a new engine.


F1 2014 Release Date Announced, PS4 F1 Game Coming in 2015

Check out the first F1 2014 gameplay trailer.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport Review – A Gear Grinding Experience (PS3)

A game for some, not all.


The Catch-Up: March 18th, 2014 – Infinity Ward Fixes Call of Duty Banning Issue

We’ve got launch trailers for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Luftrausers, along with a new trailer for EA Sports UFC.

Grid 2

Codemasters Explains Exclusion of Grid 2’s Cockpit View

Less than 5 percent of players use the viewpoint, apparently


DiRT Showdown Review (PS3)

I have to review dirt? I thought this was a PlayStation site!Read the full article…


Bodycount Developer Closing Its Doors After Poor Sales

In yet another bit of unfortunate news for UK developers, the CodemastersRead the full article…


Bodycount Stacks a Launch Trailer on the Pile

Bodycount just released in NA and is coming out in Europe soon, and Codemasters is showing it off with a new launch trailer.


Bodycount’s Original Music to be Blood Pumping “Hybrid Soundtrack”

Bodycount intends to keep players on their toes, and the soundtrack from Codemasters composer Mick Kiely will help to maintain that intensity with a unique vibe.


Bodycount Dev Diary is About Guns, Guns, Guns!

The first game developed by Codemasters’ Guildford Studio, Bodycount is only weeksRead the full article…

feature-f1 2011

First Official F1 2011 Gameplay Trailer Drives In

Codemasters has released the first official F1 2011 gameplay trailer


Bodycount Tallies Up a Release Date

It’s been a long wait, but now we finally know when we’ll get our hands on Bodycount, the spiritual successor to Black.

Bodycount Rated 15 by BBFC, 10 Minutes of Cutscenes

After being delayed, Codemasters’ spiritual successor to Black, the FPS Bodycount, isRead the full article…


Epic Games, Codemasters Sites Hacked

Hacking has become a growing threat in the games industry, most notablyRead the full article…


DiRT 3’s Online Pass Can’t be Disabled For PS3 Owners

Due to the PlayStation Store’s outage, gamers cannot redeem online passes forRead the full article…

DiRT 3 Trailer Drives in DLC Details

Codemasters has came a long way from the original Colin McRae RallyRead the full article…

feature-f1 2011

F1 2011 Racing to PS3 this September, NGP Version Announced

Codemasters has just announced that F1 2011, a sequel to the BAFTA awarding-winning F1 2010 is gearing up for release this September.