Share Your PlayStation Ideas With Sony

The PlayStation 3 features nearly everything one could need for home entertainment. Not only is Sony’s black behemoth machine capable of playing games, it’s a feature rich multi-media center as well.  Sony has been improving the consoles capabilities since the 2.40 update with Trophies, TV shows, countless movies and a useful in-game XMB system. Still the PS3 could use a few more improvements, for instance: cross-game chat.Now Sony are allowing gamers to get their voice heard with the all-new PlayStation.Blog Share. Share is a “subset of the PlayStation.Blog” where readers can submit their ideas about everything related to PlayStation to help improve the overall PlayStation experience, with an option to vote on other peoples ideas.

Similar to Digg and Reddit’s vote system, readers will be able to vote positive or negative on what like and dislike. Sony will be keeping a close eye on the popularity of each idea based on votes.

The most popular ideas right now on the PlayStation.Blog Share page is a new notifications design, reporting users, fixing the PS3 browser, integration of screen capturing for every game, and something we could all opt for: Demos for all PSN games on the day of release.

Head over to PlayStation.Blog Share to submit your ideas.