Bad Company 2’s Snipers Beware of Sniper Cop!

DICE‘s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been gathering up a loyal fanbase. While there will be never ending bickering about Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2, there is one feature that Modern Warfare definitely lacks. BF: BC2 has a previously unknown class called the “Sniper Cop.” The Sniper Cop is a great asset when some teammates will not cooperate and gather the objectives.  Hit the break for more details.

Have you been the victim of a squad with Recon players that don’t actually do any Recon?  You know the types, the camping snipers who turn their FPS experience into a point and click adventure.  In BF: BC2 there is a remedy, an industrious tipster FlyinJ has a cure for lazy Snipers on your team.

The tracer dart is a great tool to draw attention to your squadmates who taken it upon themselves to let everyone else do the actual work of achieving objectives.  A shot right to the face with a dart will insure they are a brightly lit target for the enemy to take down.  The best thing is there is no way to remove the dart without dying.

Did you know the tracer dart can stick to friendly targets? It sits there and glows. For instance, if you affix it to someone's head – say, someone with a sniper rifle crouching just behind a ridge or in some foliage – that person's head will be super easy to spot from a long way off by other players with sniper rifles. Furthermore, if you attach it to someone's face, it will shine a red glow into his line of site and maybe even obscure his vision. It's like a fantastic glowing clown nose, or the schnozz of a certain reindeer who saved Christmas. And the beauty of a friendly tracer dart is that there's no way to remove it short of dying.

So whenever I spawn, especially when attacking in Rush mode which relies largely on my team moving forward to capture objectives, I made a habit to visit those yahoos hanging back to snipe and pad their kill count instead of helping us win the round. I carefully line up the tracking pistol and fire a bright red beacon straight into their unhelpful faces.

I will be giving this tactic a shot next time I am on Battlefield: Bad Company 2, how about you?