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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Starts in Early October on PS4

Companion experience detailed.


Battlefield 4 Update Today Adds Night Operations & Much More, Here’s All the Patch Notes

There’s a lot of changes.

Star Wars Battlefront Screen

Star Wars Battlefront Doesn’t Borrow a “Single System” From Battlefield, Says DICE

Both games are as “far apart” as they can be.


PAX Prime 2015: Star Wars Battlefront Hands-On Preview – Survival Mode

Blasting Stormtroopers.


Battlefield 4 Night Operations Release Date Revealed

Will come included with the Summer Patch.

Hardline 2

Battlefield Hardline Free Update Pack Weapons and Gadgets Detailed

That’s a lot of weapons.


EA Reveals Concept Art for the Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku DLC

DLC includes two maps.

star wars ps4 bundle

Star Wars Battlefont Won’t Have Special Edition Xbox Bundle According to EA

Other questions about ranking up, Collector’s Editions and more answered.


Battlefield 4 Night Operations Map Shown Off in New Cinematic Trailer

Definitely worth a watch.


PlayStation Store Sale Highlights – August 18-25 2015

A dash of parkour, a dollop of stealth, and a smidgen of vigilantism.

star wars ps4 bundle

Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundles Announced, Come With “Darth Vader-Inspired” Systems

Pre-orders starting soon.


Decision to Remove Guns From Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Was Made at the Start of Development

Guns broke the flow in the first game.

Star Wars Battlefront Screen

Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy Mode Will Never Let Players “Feel Isolated From the Fight”

“Supremacy is a game mode that will excite fans of the Conquest mode from Battlefield.”


Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Files Reveal Weapons, Modes and More

Some weapons will be specific to each faction, it seems.


DICE Confirms Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Is a Reboot, Tells the Story of Faith’s Origin

DICE borrowed some ideas from the first game.


Latest Star Wars Battlefront Developer Diary Talks About Fighter Squadron Mode

Courtesy of GameStop?


Star Wars Battlefront Q&A Reveals Fighter Squadron Player Counts, Customization and More

Battlelog officially out, and lots more answered.


New Battlefield 4 Night Operations Map Announced

Based on Zavod.