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E3 2017 – Star Wars Battlefront II Single-Player Hands-On Preview – Seamless Space Fighting (PS4)

We finally play as Iden Versio!


Battlefield 1 Update 1.10 Is 4.2GB on PS4, Adds Nivelle Nights Map

The CTE is coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One.


Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights Update Rolls Out Tomorrow, Downtimes Revealed

Downtimes last 2 hours on each platform.

E3 2017 – Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Hands-On Preview – Battle Tested (PS4)

The Force is stronger with this one.

More Battlefront II and Kingdom Hearts III News to Come Next Month

Will they announce anything new?

Star Wars Battlefront II 04

E3 2017 – Here’s Some More Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer in Action

A full match, that is.

Star Wars Battlefront II 08

E3 2017 – New Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Revealed, Post-Launch DLC Is Free

See the game in action. This time, officially.

Star Wars Battlefront II 02

Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Announced, Early Access Granted to Those Who Pre-Order

They really want you to pre-order.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Teaser For Tomorrow’s Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Released

Get a taste of what you’ll see in full tomorrow.

First Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Livestream Coming June 10

Streaming stars will battle it out for your amusement.


The May Battlefield 1 Update Is Now Live, Takes up 2.6GB on PS4

Here’s the changes to Operations, vehicles, and more.


Battlefield 1 May Update Adjusts Bayonet, Tweaks Operations and Balances Weapons

Find out what’s in store for May!


Battlefield 1 Is Bringing in Female Soldiers for New Expansion

The 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death

Star Wars Battlefront II Developers Talk Massive Worlds and Moral Dilemmas

Sony releases another interview trailer.

Star Wars Battlefront II “Story of an Imperial Solder” Video Released

What it looks like from the other side.


New Battlefield 1 Map Revealed, In the Name of the Tsar Scheduled for Late Summer

May Update will include Operations improvements.

fall damage

DICE Veterans and Co-Founder Unveil New Studio Called Fall Damage

They’e previously worked on Battlefield and SW Battlefront among others.

Star Wars Battlefront II 07

Star Wars Battlefront II Interview – Building a Sequel

Changes to the sequel, multiplayer, VR and more.