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Quick Tips – Star Wars Battlefront Beta First-Person vs. Third-Person View



Now Loading…What Do You Think of the Star Wars Battlefront Beta?

What’s your thoughts on the beta? Read up on ours and share yours as well.


Quick Tips – Star Wars Battlefront Beta Personal Shield Tip, Easy Objective Capture

Battlefront’s secret weapon!


Quick Tips – Star Wars Battlefront Beta Final Star Card Unlock, the Sharpshooter Trait

Aim for the head!


More Star Wars Battlefront Heroes & Villains Reportedly Uncovered, EA Details Hero Hunt Mode

Cargo and Droid Run also detailed.


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Runs at 900p/50-60fps on PS4, According to Analysis

Xbox One version is 720p.


Here’s When the Star Wars Battlefront Beta Opens Today on PS4, Xbox One & PC

It’s an 8GB download on PlayStation 4.


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Impressions – The Force Is Strong With This One (PS4)

Return of the Jedi or The Phantom Menace? Read on, padawan.


PSLS Live – Star Wars Battlefront Beta Live-Stream (Offline)

Is the Force strong with PSLS?

Top 5 Featured

Top 5 Things You Need to Try in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Playing as Heroes is only one of ‘em.


Star Wars Battlefront Won’t Have Micro-Transactions, New Gameplay Showcases Heroes

The credits that you use to buy things in the game are earned.


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Requires an Online Connection, but Not a PlayStation Plus Membership

Learn more about the beta and watch some gameplay.


Mirror’s Edge Composer Solar Fields Now Creating Score for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

Composer Solar Fields discusses the soundtrack.


Free Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC Pack Arrives This Fall, Adds New Map

Check out some early playtest footage.


DICE Was “Fully Booked” When it Was Approached to Make Star Wars Battlefront But Couldn’t Say “No”

They thought they couldn’t do it.


TGS 2015 – Star Wars: Battlefront Hands-On Preview (2-Player and Huge Multiplayer Modes)

Played 2-player and then like, billion-player.

Battlefront Luke

Star Wars Battlefront Interview With DICE: Characters, Ranks, Star Cards, Servers and Harrison Ford

“I lifted the box while I stood on my head. But I won’t for get what Yoda said!”


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Begins on October 8 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

It’s open to everyone.

Star Wars Battlefront Screen

DICE “Not Able to Confirm” If Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Will Support Keyboard and Mouse

Not a no and not a yes.


Star Wars Battlefront to Feature In-Game Diorama for “Real Completionists”

Players will take “tens of hours” to max their character out.