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battlefield 5 dev talks

Battlefield V Dev Talks Video Addresses Open Beta Feedback

DICE is committed to making good on fan feedback.

battlefield 5 second beta

DICE Isn’t Currently Planning a Second Beta for Battlefield V

Whether or not Firestorm will receive a beta remains unclear.

battlefield v changes

Here Are DICE’s Plans for Post-Beta Battlefield V Changes

Proof that feedback matters.

battlefield 5 character customization

DICE Dials Back Battlefield V Character Customization Options for Authenticity

Down the line, things could get “wacky” again.

Battlefield 5 battle royale

Battlefield V Battle Royale Being Developed By Burnout Studio Criterion, New Details Released

New preorder offer announced as well.

this is battlefield 5 video

This Is Battlefield V Video Details Battle Royale and More

Firestorm, free DLC, scooting backwards and shooting, you know, all the important stuff.

road to battlefield 5

The Road to Battlefield V is Paved with Free Stuff

Sad about the delay? Here’s more free stuff.

Battlefield V Open Beta

Here’s Everything You Can Expect in the Battlefield V Open Beta

A lot of information, as condensed as possible.

battlefield 5 delayed

Battlefield V Marches to November 2018

Mayday! Mayday! Actually, it doesn’t sound too bad.

battlefront 2 update

Star Wars Battlefront II Roadmap Updated, New Heroes and Mode Coming Later this Year

New content coming!

battlefront 2 elite trooper update

Star Wars Battlefront II Update Brings New Prequel-Era, Clone Wars Content

War! (Get it? It’s a Star Wars reference.)

battlefield v controversy

DICE Executive Producer: ‘It’s a Shame’ Women Weren’t in Battlefield 1

DICE has more to say about Battlefield 1.

battlefield 5 open beta

Battlefield V’s Open Beta Begins in September 2018

Experience Tides of War, Conquest, and Grand Operations.

battlefield v trailer breakdown

Battlefield Writer Breaks Down Battlefield V Trailer

Battle Royale has never been so scary-looking.

HardCore lives

Long-Lost DICE Metroidvania HardCore Coming to PS4 and Vita

This is the ultimate comeback story.

battlefield v trailer

Watch Out, EA Has Announced the Next Battlefield V Trailer

Prepare for a devastating trailer.

Star Wars Battlefront II Update

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Brings Back Favorites and Rebalances Game

The return of lightning hands and cuties with spears.

battlefield 1

A Brand-New Battlefield 1 Update Just Went Live! Check Out All of the Patch Notes Here

Read all the patch notes for the Battlefield 1 Summer Update right here!

Free Battlefield 1 DLC

Can’t Wait for Battlefield V? Get Free DLC For Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4

$45 worth of DLC available free for a limited time!

battlefield 5 grand operations

DICE Clarifies Confusion Surrounding Battlefield V Grand Operations’ Availability at Launch

It’ll be available as part of Tides of War.