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Next Battlefield 4 Update Planned for September 2014, Here’s What’s Changing

Soldier movement will be changed to closely match Battlefield 3, netcode will be improved, and more.


Battlefield 4 PS3 Patch 1.13, New PS4 Patch Out Today

Don’t be worried if there’s a little downtime today.


EA: Battlefield “Similarly Aligned” to Call of Duty’s 3-Year Development Cycle

Does this mean we’ll see Battlefield 5 in 2016?


EA Would Prefer to Release Star Wars Battlefront Close to Episode VII

Game isn’t directly tied to the movie.


Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC Releasing by the End of 2014

Dragon’s Teeth will have to hold you over for a few months.


DICE Thinks They are “Going to Build the Best Star Wars Game Ever Created” With Battlefront

“If nothing else because Star Wars deserves it.”


Here’s the Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Gameplay Video, and Launch Trailer

Get ready.


EA Announces Battlefield 4 “Battlefest” for Fans, to Include Contests, Prizes and More

Prepare for prizes and in-game content.


Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Release Date Confirmed

Both Premium and non-Premium members will be able to start playing this month.


Battlefield 4 PS3 Patch 1.12, New PS4 Update Add New Mode, Fixes Bugs, & More

Could take some time to download…


Report: Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Release Date Accidentally Revealed

Premium players get early access once again.


DICE Looking to Refine Mirror’s Edge 2′s First-Person Combat

What refinements are you expecting?


DICE Unsure on How to Develop Bad Company 3, Since It Doesn’t Know Why People Loved the Franchise

So, what was it that made the franchise great?


DICE: Games We Build are at the “Forefront of Quality, Says Ambition for Battlefront is “Very, Very High”

Star Wars with the Battlefield formula? Sounds like fun…as long as it’s not buggy.


Battlefield 4 “Dragon’s Teeth” Expansion Map Names, Gadgets and More Revealed

Asia-based maps and a new ballistic shield equipment awaits you.


DICE Shows Early Mirror’s Edge 2 Gameplay in New Video (Update: Producer Statement)

I’m on the edge.


E3 2014: EA Press Conference Livestream

From sports to shooters, see what EA has planned for the future!


EA E3 2014 Press Conference Will Show New DICE, BioWare, & Criterion Projects

Get excited!


DICE is Addressing “Netcode Issues” in Battlefield 4, Calls it “One of the Top Priorities”

In a new status update by DICE given out yesterday, the studio highlighted “netcode issues” for Battlefield 4.