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DICE is Addressing “Netcode Issues” in Battlefield 4, Calls it “One of the Top Priorities”

In a new status update by DICE given out yesterday, the studio highlighted “netcode issues” for Battlefield 4.

Mirrors Edge 2

Writer for Original Mirror’s Edge Not Involved With New Game, “Wasn’t Asked”

Rough around the edge.

Battlefield 4

DICE Delays Battlefield 4 2XP Event For Premium Members After “Intermittent Connectivity Problems”

Who is running their servers, Sony?


DICE Has No Future Plans to Add Pre-Game Squad Feature to Battlefield 4

Squad up


Battlefield 4 Review (PS3)

REEEEEE KepsSLLOSOSAHHSsshsaaaa BOOOOOM Crack Ratatatata


Battlefield 4 – E3 Preview

Where can they go from here?

Mirrors Edge 2

EA: New Mirror’s Edge Will Be More of an “Action Adventure” Than Predecessor

“The first one was a great first attempt but it didn’t really deliver on the true vision that the guys had for that IP.”


DICE on Motion Controls: “We are not Interested in Things That Don’t Make the Game Better”

So I can’t waggle to reload in Battlefield 4?


EA Teases Battlefield 4 with Vine Short

No microtransaction necessary


Battlefield 4 Engine To Be Used By Bioware

Could have a massive effect


DICE Currently Working on Projects Other Than Battlefield

Mirror’s Edge 2 perhaps?