DICE Plan Concise Multiplayer DLC for Bad Company 2

Since the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 more than two weeks ago, the debate between whether Modern Warfare 2 or DICE’s latest installment of the Battlefield series being better has been garnering a lot of attention. Now that an official price has been given for Modern Warfare 2’s first DLC, many have been complaining that it’s “ridiculously overpriced”. DICE are looking to challenge Infinity Ward with some well-prepared upcoming DLC of their own.

During an interview by IGN with Karl Troedsson from DICE, Troedsson shared a wealth of information about DICE’s intentions with their DLC for Bad Company 2. For one, it seems that the upcoming DLC won’t be related to the Campaign portion of Bad Company 2. Karl Troedsson shared the following:

“We haven’t planned any DLC that comes with the actual story itself, but we won’t rule it out.”

Also, according to another statement it seems that DICE really care about the community of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and don’t plan to segment it with repeated DLC packs:

“One of the very clear lessons that we learned from that is that the more booster packs people have to pay for, all you do is actually segment the community. If you don’t have this map, you can’t play with me. If I don’t have that map, I can’t play with you. Team play is very important for us… this is something that we felt that it is probably better to give away a lot of the maps for free, and then perhaps we can have some more paid DLC in the future that is not focusing on that.”

DICE have struck gold with their latest title, and it looks like the game and its community both have a bright future in store. For the time being, the clash between both DICE and Infinity Ward will rage on as gamers defend their more favorable title.