Dille: God of War III Sold 1 Million in “just a couple days”

April 2, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

We always knew God of War 3 had went gangbusters in sales thanks to reports from various sources from different countries and retailers. However, while Sony themselves have spoken financially about the title, vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America has revealed his bloody little secret at the MI6 Conference.

According to Peter Dille, God of War 3 achieved one million sales in the matter of days instead of weeks. Although there is no specification if theses are worldwide sales or not (after all, God of War 3 released a few days later in the European region), the NPD numbers for March should be coming up right around the corner since April has just begun.

Seeing as with each passing console installment of God of War has exceeded launch sales than it’s previous ones, this should come to no surprise. But the magnitude of these sales very well push it into the fastest selling PS3 exclusive seat.