Kratos Is The God of Sales

God of War III has only been out for just over a week and it has already hit a large sales milestone. Kratos has struck a chord with gamers and critics alike. Ushering in strong review scores and kudos from fans of the series everywhere.

Santa Monica Studio‘s masterpiece has now sold over 1.1 million copies since its release according to the videogame statistics addicts over at 700,000 of those copies were sold in North America, while 400,000 were sold in Europe and other regions (not Japan yet). This makes it the fastest-selling entry in the franchise, and sets Kratos well on his way to outdo even himself. LTD (that’s Lifetime-To-Date) sales of the original God of War is around 4 million, while God of War II has sold ~3.3 million units. The PSP entry Chains of Olympus has sold 2.4 million copies, and the God of War Collection, which is only out in North America, has sold around 800,000 copies. The entire franchise has now sold over 11.6 million copies across three platforms.