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Just Cause 2 DLC Parachuting onto PSN

Can’t get enough of Just Cause 2’s gigantic, open-world sandbox of 400 square miles? Avalanche Studio has some all-new DLC planned for next Thursday and you’ll be receiving a new ‘chilling’ way of getting around the world of Just Cause 2.

Microsoft has revealed that the first DLC of JC2 hits next Wednesday on Xbox Live and if everything works out, then the PSN version of the DLC should hit the next day. What’s the next DLC you ask? None other than the ‘Chevlier Ice Breaker’ DLC, which lets you drive around in a super ‘cool’…Ice Cream Van. I kid you not. What better way to humiliate your enemies by running them over with an ice cream van? Priceless!

No price has been revealed, although for those interested in the Just Cause 2 and haven’t made your decision yet, make sure you read our Review!