Transformers: WFC Multiplayer Gives You the Power of the Matrix

April 9, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Until Batman: Arkham Asylum hit last year, licensed-games for the most part, well..sucked, and that includes a majority of the Transformers video games. Activision and High Moon Studios are looking to change people’s perspective on the game series with Transformers: War For Cyberton. Guess what? They just might succeed…why? I have four words for you all you Former-Fans out there. Create. Your. Own. Transformer. Yeah, you’re gonna want to check this trailer out.

There’s a catch of course, as the Create a Transformer mode only works in multiplayer mode, but’s not every day you get to create your own one ton, walking, talking, and transforming war machine, right?

Transformers: War for Cybertron rolls out June 22.