Street Fighter IV Ends With Super, Sorry Ultra and Hyper

While the “ultra” and “mega” Street Fighter names sound fun (and arguably suitable) for the next title in the popular fighting series, Super Street Fighter IV’s producer has hadoken’ed any chances of that happening.

Speaking during an interview with OXM, SSFIV’s producer, Yoshinori Ono, has stated whilst potential DLC can further enhance the experience for Street Fighter fans, there ultimately will be no future after Super Street Fighter IV for any more Street Fighter titles.

I have no intention of carrying on Street Fighter IV into Hyper Street Fighter IV or Ultra Street Fighter IV, because I’m aware of the mistakes Capcom has made in the past.

So whether it would be a different IP or another Street Fighter, we’d like to keep options open. But in terms of Street Fighter IV, this is definitive… Super Street Fighter IV should be the distinctive end.

Obviously there can be updates via DLC so perhaps in 2011, we could upload a patch for Super Street Fighter IV 2011 edition that would have tuning and balancing. But as a packaged product, I think this is the last.

Very sad news to hear indeed. Super Street Fighter IV will be released on 27th April, 2010.