Splinter Cell: Conviction Drew Inspiration from Uncharted

Last year saw one of the best titles to release on the PS3 thus far. With the debut of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, the bar was raised for action titles in delivering a great story, amazing visuals, and fantastic gameplay. With such incredible praise, it was only natural before other titles began to draw inspiration from it.

Patrick Redding, game director for Splinter Cell: Conviction, has revealed that Ubisoft “heavily looked” at Uncharted, for inspiration on the Xbox 360/PC/possibly PS3 title.

“It’s safe to say that we drew inspiration from a lot of different sources – both in games and out of games. We paid attention to everything from Riddick to Max Payne. Obviously we took a good, heavy look at the way Uncharted works too. It’s not just about production value, a lot of it is looking, at the lowest level, what the player is going to spend his time doing.”

Splinter Cell: Conviction releases later this month.