Fist of the North Star Loading Times Prove PS3 Victorious

April 14, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Only weeks ago, Japan saw the release of video game adaptation of the popular manga series Fist of the North Star. Its multiplatform release was met with quick demand as it topped the Japanese sales charts, particularly on the PlayStation 3 platform. More interestingly, the game has shown us just how much Sony’s expensively-designed PS3 hardware has paid off.

Japanese consumers have been complaining that the Xbox 360 version of Fist of the North Star has significantly longer loading times than the PlayStation 3 version. The difference in loading is so bad, in fact, that many are calling it the biggest discrepancy in loading times between 2 multiplatform versions of a game ever. Even with the 360 version’s hard drive installation, the load times are still noticeably worse.

Don’t believe us? Check out a video that compares the different install variations for the Xbox 360 version of Fist of the North Star versus the PS3 version.