New The Fight: Lights Out trailer Promises Haymakers at 60fps & More

April 19, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Perhaps the Most popular and talked about game above all other ‘pure’ PlayStation Move titles has been ‘Motion Fighter‘, which has since been renamed ‘The Fight: Lights Out‘. And why wouldn’t it be? The game allows you to use two Move controllers to beat the living hell out of your opponent with 1:1 ratio movement; plus it even gives you a workout in the process! John McCaughlin, Producer for the title talks about this and more in the latest ‘developer diary’ for the game.

The most interesting part of the video has to be the promise of 60fps, which is vital for any PlayStation Move game to help with any potential lag. I still have a few questions though, seeing as how this game requires you to use two PS Move controllers, will it come packed with an extra controller? How expensive will the game before if so? There better as hell be a stand alone version too! If not, this could hurt sales of the The Fight: Lights Out seeing as how not every gamer is going to be able to afford one PS Move controller, let alone two when it first releases. Seems like this whole ‘Move’ to the realm of motion is going to be a costly affair.

Look for The Fight: Lights Out’ this Fall when the PlayStation Move Motion Controller hits. Check out screen for the game here or read Sev’s full hands-on impressions with the PS Move controller here.