Final Fight: Double Impact Requires PSN Connection to Play

April 22, 2010Written by Dan Massi

There’s a modern irony to the release of Final Fight: Double Impact. The port of the original 1989 arcade version shoots for something retro, although it needs a technology most didn’t even dream about at the time.

People who bought the game have noticed that to play Final Fight: Double Impact, a connection through PlayStation Network is required. Meaning, you cannot play the game offline, only online. A forum post on the official PlayStation forums stressed the issue, saying that he had “wasted” $10 dollars on the game. Bummer, dude.

You heard it right here. Do not waste your $10 on this game. There is no offline play. You have to be online to even launch the game. Seriously Capcom? Why did you not allow offline play for two sidescrolling arcade games?

Well like I mentioned in my last post, Sony you’ve lost me as a customer on this one for failing to mention in the Store Description that you must be online and that the game is online only in order to play. You mention “there is online play” but not that it is required to play.

$10 down the toilet!

Have you purchased Final Fight: Double Impact yet? If not, are you planning to? Post your comments below!