True Crime is an ‘Original’ Open-World Game

May 13, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Activision’s True Crime series hasn’t hit stores since 2005, when True Crime: New York City flopped both critically and commercially. However, the publisher along with new developers, United Front Games, will be taking another stab at the franchise, hoping to add a flavor of Grand Theft Auto-style open-world action.

United Front Games director, William Ho, spoke to CVG recently and stated that True Crime brings something “fresh and original” on the open-world genre.

I think the designers on True Crime – just like ModNation Racers – have benefited from a clean sheet. They were able to build a team with the right talent, they were able to build a game engine with all of the right tools… there’s no legacy on our games and that’s been kind of a luxury.

I think you’re going to see a pretty fresh and original take on the open-world action game. It’s not going to be confused for any other game.

True Crime will blend intense Hollywood style driving with martial arts combat and shoot outs delivered in an Asian cinema inspired action-thriller scene. Back half of the year” is the date guideline for the game. And you would think True Crime will offer something completely new to the action genre since United Front Games contacted real Triads and ex-criminals for research.