40nm RSX Paves a Bright Road for Sony and Consumer Alike

May 15, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Sony’s trip to profitability with the powerful PlayStation 3 console has been a long-road for the company. Now that the console has been confirmed as profitable by several sources, Sony can begin their full-scale assault as they push the product in order to drive profitability in a similar fashion to the record-breaking PlayStation 2. However, Sony aren’t the only ones bearing fruits of such a big milestone.

According to a Sony spokesperson, new PlayStation 3 models are already shipping along with the new 40nm RSX GPU. The new groundbreaking chip not only utilizes less power and causes less heat, which is good for the consumer, but is also cheaper for Sony to manufacture. What this means for Sony is that not only will future products be even more profitable, but it’ll be much easier to justify large amounts of spending on marketing and product improvement.

The recent lack of PS3 Slim supply since the turn of the new year should soon be over as the company ramps up production speed and volume.