PS3 Is Finally Turning A Profit

April 29, 2010Written by Paulmichael Contreras

The PlayStation 3 first launched back in November of 2006 with 2 models to chose from, the 20GB SKU at $499 and the 60GB SKU at $599. This made it the most expensive console of the generation, and it wasn’t just consumers footing the substantial bill – it was estimated that Sony lost anywhere from $225 to $305 in each console that was sold. But with the PS3 Slim receiving some new, even slimmer hardware, Sony may finally see a profit for each console it sells.

Recent reporting by Digital Trends and Engadget indicates that due to 40 nm and 45 nm fabrication processes on the RSX graphics chip and Cell processor respectively, the cost to manufacture the console may finally be lower than the unit’s retail price. That smaller fabrication process has a domino-like effect on the internals of the system – the chips run cooler and consume less power, and as a result their accompanying heatsinks and fans can be smaller. This also means less power is needed, and a smaller power supply can be used. As recently as February it was rumored that Sony was still losing around $18 per console, so this is definitely welcome news.