New Medal of Honor Screens Bring the War to Your Eyes

May 15, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

After a two year absence, EA Los Angeles and DICE are ready to bring Medal of Honor back into the FPS ‘conversation‘. With two separate teams working on the single player and multiplayer, plus the PS3 being the lead version, then add-in the fact that the series is going for a more authentic approach to Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor seems poised to reclaim the FPS Military mountain. A fresh batch of new screens have been ‘recruited’ for action and you know what to do, Soldier!

With E3 going down in exactly a month, you better believe that the new Medal of Honor will be front and center during EA’s Press Conference and Booth. Expect some massive hands-on impressions to help you decide if MOH is the way to go this with the barrage of FPS hitting this Fall.

Medal of Honor deploys for duty on October 12th in the US and October 15th in Europe.