star wars squadrons the mandalorian DLC baby yoda the child

The Mandalorian DLC Puts ‘Baby Yoda’ on Your Star Wars Squadrons Ship’s Dash, But No New Maps, Ships, or Modes

Star Wars Squadrons DLC is landing soon, but it’s not new levels or modes that players have been wanting to see. The Mandalorian DLC for Star Wars Squadrons is a pack of eight cosmetic items—four for the Empire and four for the New Republic—dropping on October 28th, just two days before the second season of The Mandalorian starts airing on Disney+. The DLC drop is free, but you won’t just be handed these new items. You’ll have to earn them yourself in-game.

The Mandalorian Star Wars Squadrons DLC adds Hanging Flair, Dashboard Flair, Holograms, and Decals—one each for both sides—all featuring items and characters from The Mandalorian. For Hanging Flair, rep the Razor Crest Gunship or enjoy a priceless piece of Beskar Steel Ingot. Dashboard Flair will let you rep either an IG-Class Assassin Droid or a bobbly “The Child” Mysterious creature figure (more commonly known as “Baby Yoda”). Holograms show a Bluurg and a Bounty request. It’s unknown what the Decals will be.

You can see each of the cosmetics in the image below and check out the “Baby Yoda” bobble figure on a New Republic dash in the header image above.

star wars squadrons the mandalorian DLC

This DLC is purely cosmetic in nature, EA and Motive’s way of paying homage to a show that helped inspire them while working on Squadrons. It doesn’t add any new maps, modes, ships, or other features besides a bouncing Baby Yoda to comfort you in the heat of a furious space firefight. At this point, Motive is still adamant that Squadrons is a standalone experience, so don’t expect it to get any future content drops bigger than a few additional cosmetics here and there.

Our review of Star Wars Squadrons loved the promise the game offered, but worried about its longevity if it doesn’t get new maps, modes, or other content drops to bring players back. Will a few Mandalorian goodies be enough to keep players grinding away at the no-frills starfighter experience? Only time will tell, and you can also tell us your thoughts on the Star Wars Squadrons Mandalorian DLC in the comments below.

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