PlayStation 2 Surpasses Unimaginable 150 Million Units Milestone

Sony’s world-famous PlayStation 2 platform is not only known by many as the best-selling console of all time, but is regarded as the best gaming platform of all-time. With its wide-range of popular titles, great support and brand-name loyalty, the PS2 has continued to sell strong for roughly 10-years now. It isn’t done yet, though, and the PS2 continues to sell despite being a decade old.

According to the most recent and accurate prediction data by VGChartz, the PlayStation 2 has already sold over 1-million consoles in 2010. To top that off, the console has also managed to officially sell over 150 million units to-date. It was nearly 2-years ago when Kaz Kirai, ex-CEO of Sony, predicted that Sony’s console would manage to sell such an unimaginable amount of units. It seems he was correct, and more surprisingly, it looks like Sony’s record-breaking console will continue to surpass 150 million.

The PlayStation 2 was released in 2000 worldwide and was sold out for weeks following release. The PS2 is currently available in Slim form for under $100.