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Bethesda Reveal E3 Line-up

Bethesda has been a developer and publisher of video game content for over two decades, being responsible for such famed franchises as Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Their most recent game and arguably most successful game was Fallout 3 which was released in 2008, and has won over 60 Game of the Year Awards. Some of their recent projects include Fallout: New Vegas which is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment and Brink being developed by Splash Damage. However, that’s not all Bethesda will be showing at E3 this year…

Bethesda Softworks have today confirmed the titles they will show at their E3 conference.


Fallout: New Vegas


Bethesda will also be showing off a new presentation of RAGE from id Software.

A Bethesda spokesperson had this to say:

“We’re excited to announce that in addition to offering hands-on time with Brink, a ground breaking shooter being developed at Splash Damage, Fallout: New Vegas, the next chapter in the blockbuster Fallout franchise being developed at Obsidian Entertainment, and Hunted, a third-person co-op fantasy action game being developed at inXile Entertainment, we’ll also be showing off a new presentation of RAGE, the new first-person shooter being developed by id Software!”

So unfortunately for all you Elder Scrolls fans out there looks like a fifth game in the series won’t be announced any time soon. Be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle for all things E3.