Put On Your Poker Face With New Fallout New Vegas Trailer

Following its release, Fallout 3 has received very positive responses from critics and a number of Game of the Year awards, praising in particular the game’s open-ended gameplay and flexible character-leveling system. Also re-releasing with 5 DLC packs in the Game Of The Year Edition, during this Bethesda were quick to announce a spin off from Fallout 3 named Fallout New Vegas, set in a post apocalyptic Las Vegas and assume the role of a courier who almost has his life taken.

With E3 just around the corner Obsidian have decided to show off the first public gameplay footage of the RPG. The footage comes thanks to GameTrailers.

A collectors edition has was also announced recently the enclosed contents include: poker chips from Fallout: New Vegas casinos, deck of cards, a hardcover graphic novel and a making-of documentary DVD.With E3 Right around the corner, and Bethesda due to show the game on the show floor expect some killer footage. Be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle regularly during E3 for all the latest news.