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Infinity Ward Initiates Man Hunt For Senior Staff

Sometime has passed since disaster had smitten the leadership at Infinity Ward.  The Modern Warfare developers were left somewhat crippled after a mass exodus of it’s employees followed in the wake of Activision terminating IW’s top two executives.  And now it seems that Activision has finally decided to put the scars behind them and to start business as usual.

On a job listing site, Gamasutra, Activision already has started listing out the vacancies left by many of the former senior staff, who joined up with the newly created Respawn Entertainment.  Some of those positions include senior software engineer, associate producer, senior animator, senior effects artist, senior environment artist and senior game designer.

Is it safe for us to speculate another major title in the works from Infinity Ward due to Activision’s sudden talent search?  Another Modern Warfare perhaps?  Maybe this time around, they won’t forget to pay them.