GameInformer Responds to FF Versus XIII Being “Ex-Exclusive”

Sony fans have been in dismay for the past 24-hours since it was leaked that GameInformer’s latest issue called Final Fantasy Versus XIII an ex-exclusive. Final Fantasy fans worldwide have been anticipating what was originally announced as a strong PlayStation 3 exclusive title during its CGI trailer debut at E3 2009. However, it seems that might have just been a typo after all.

According to a recent e-mail from GameInformer Australia to a writer at the Australian Gaming News site IGameReport, GameInformer has confirmed that there is no information confirming that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be going multiplatform. The response e-mail sent by GameInformer said:

Thanks for contacting us!

From time to time our Gameinformer Australia magazine incorporates game information regarding other countries.

Currently there is no confirmation from the vendors regarding the formats of FFv13, or if it will be a multiformat game.

Thanks again for your enquiry; we hope to see you back online again soon.

The “ex-exclusive” phrase found in the magazine was likely an error on behalf of the author. Square Enix have displayed interest in treading the powerful waters of the PlayStation 3 hardware, and the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII didn’t sell particularly well. It should become official whether or not the title will indeed be multiplatform by the end of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and until then consumers can only sit back and pray that the title is as fun to play as the recent GameInformer scans exhibit.