3D Dot Game Heroes – Trophy Guide

3D Dot Game Heroes is From Software’s take on the classic 8 bit Zelda. 3D Dot Game Heroes features 51 trophies consisting of 42 bronze, 5 silver, 3 gold, and the Platinum trophy. Use our 3D Dot Game Heroes trophy guide to help you get that difficult trophy.

NOTE: Some trophies may contain spoilers.

Congratulations! (Platinum) – Congratulations! Thank you for playing this far!

– Collect all 50 trophies to unlock.

Slice and Diced! (Bronze) – Defeated a foe with a sword.

– Kill any enemy with any sword. Can.

Bullseye! (Bronze) – Defeated a foe with a bow.

– Kill any enemy with your bow.

Demolitionist! (Bronze) – Defeated a foe with a bomb.

– Kill any enemy with a bomb.

Getting the Hang of It? (Bronze) – Played the game for five hours.

– Play the game for a total of 5 hours. Does not need to be consecutive.

Defender! (Bronze) – Guarded an attack.

– You will need to purchase or find a shield better then the wooden shield you are given. Then guard any projectile or magic attack by holding R1 to block.

A Formidable Foe Has Fallen! (Bronze) – Defeated a Guardian.

–  Kill one of the guardian’s of the Ancient sword. (Story based can’t miss)

Bested Eelagon! (Bronze) – Defeated Eelagon without taking damage.

-Eelagon is in the Grass Temple which is the first temple. You must defeat this giant snake without taking any damage.

Bested Queen Bee! (Bronze) – Defeated Queen Bee without taking damage.

-The Queen Bee is in the Forest Temple which is the second temple. You must defeat the Queen Bee without taking any damage.

Bested Giga Golem! (Bronze) – Defeated Giga Golem without taking damage.

– Giga Golem is in the Desert Temple which is the third temple. You must defeat the Golem without taking any damage.

Bested Kraken! (Bronze) – Defeated Kraken without taking damage.

– The Kraken is in the Aqua Temple which is the forth temple. You must defeat the Kraken without taking damage.

Bested Dragon! (Bronze) – Defeated Dragon without taking damage.

-The Dragon is in the Flame Temple which is the fifth temple. You must defeat the Dragon without taking damage.

Bested Dark Knight! (Bronze) – Defeated Dark Knight without taking damage.

-The Dark Knight is in the Wind Temple which is the sixth temple. You must defeat the Dark Knight without taking any damage.

Bested Fuelle! (Bronze) – Defeated Fuelle without taking damage.

-Fuelle is the main enemy that you will face on the seventh floor of the final tower. You must defeat Fuelle without taking damage.

Bested Onyx! (Bronze) – Defeated Onyx without taking damage.

-Onyx will appear after you defeat Fuelle defeat him without taking damage.

Found Sue! (Bronze) – You found Sue.

-Sue is the first fairy you find. You can get this fairy anytime after the third temple (Desert Temple). You will need one of each colored key (red, blue, green) as well as the Anchor Rod. Look here for exactly how to find Sue.

Note: Once you get the light orb you can no longer get this fairy.