Graphics Not Top Priority for Bulletstorm Devs

July 5, 2010Written by Ray Conley

People Can Fly developers brought on quite the show their newly announced action-packed shooter Bulletstorm. The game boasts breath-taking vistas and showboats amazing use of the Unreal Engine 3 for graphics, even though they admit that eye-candy was not their main focus.

In a recent interview with People Can Fly founder, Adrian Chmielarz, he confessed that he isn’t concerned with building gorgeous graphics, but rather how a scene is organized and presented.

“The thing is, we really do not care that much. When you take a look at the visual quality of Gears – the density of detail, so to speak – in my opinion, it kills Modern Warfare easily. But, Modern Warfare is 60 frames-per-second, and composition of the scene in Modern Warfare is really, really good. It’s excellent.

“I think right now so long as the game has a minimum level of quality, which is for us and everyone who wants to matter in this business is really high, do players really care? Seriously, if it really looks good, do we need to join race?

“If people say our game looks better than another game, we will be happy, but that’s not our goal. We just want to invite you on an adventure.”

After viewing their E3 trailer, you can put your fears to rest as the graphics already look stunning . In their demo clip, you can also see that a lot of care went into the detail of the level’s composition and action sequences, which really give an epic feeling to the presentation.

You can look forward to start shooting your way through Bulletstorm sometime next year in 2011.