Rockstar Stay Silent on Agent, L.A. Noire Details Incoming

Details regarding Rockstar and Team Bondi’s mystery crime thriller. L.A. Noire has been scarce since its reveal a few months back. Rockstar has now said that new details on the once PlayStation 3 exclusive will be revealed during the coming weeks. Also, Rockstar has given no update on a current PlayStation 3 exclusive, Agent.

Rockstar’s International PR Manager, Phil Doust, confirmed to CC that new details will be revealed soon for L.A. Noire, however, details on PlayStation 3 exclusive Agent – revealed during E3 09′ – is being held until further notice.

I’m afraid there’s nothing to report on Agent and Max Payne 3 currently. However there will be further updates to follow on LA Noire in the coming weeks.

L.A Noire is currently scheduled for a release this year, while no new details on Agent has been revealed its reveal back at E3.

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