White Knight Chronicles 2 First Day Sales are Lackluster

This week White Knight Chronicles 2 went on sale in the land of the rising sun, and from first day sales data, it seems most consumers may be weary after the firsts title’s mixed reviews.

First day reports show that White Knight 2 sold 107k which is rather disappointing since the original White Knight sold slightly better with 130k first day sales, and 200k in the first week. Sequels are normally expected to surpass the sales of the first title, as there are no “new IP jitters” for gamers risking their hard earned cash on something new.

The first White Knight was somewhat of a disappointment to a lot of gamers, with it being highly criticized for its underwhelming single player campaign. Even though WKC2 has been receiving review scores that easily top the previous title, the first title’s issues may be preventing WKC2 from shining.

As for now no release date has been given for US or Europe, but with the original White Knight taking over a year to finally be released outside of Japan we shouldn’t expect to see any news on White Knight 2 release date for at least a few months. If sales don’t pick up, there is always the possibility that Level-5 and Sony won’t want to sink more money into localization which will translate into it not making it to the West.