Twisted Metal: Apocalypse Images Survived the Cataclysm

July 25, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Just days ago it was reported that David Jaffe and the Eat Sleep Play team originally began development of their current title with an apocalyptic wasteland theme. Titled Twisted Metal: Apocalypse, the concept was thrown away due to some disagreements over the theme. However, not everything from the project was thrown away.

While at Comic Con, the developers at Eat Sleep Play showed some images for the first time ever from the scrapped Twisted Metal: Apocalypse project. As with every David Jaffe title, you can see that the game definitely had potential. Maybe the team will add a playable part from this interesting dumped title as an extra in their upcoming game scheduled for 2011.

You can see some images of Twisted Metal: Apocalypse below: